Philip Meyers, MD, FACR, FSIR, FAHA

Neuro-Interventional Radiology
Job Title: 
Director, Neuroendovascular Services
Department of Neurological Surgery
Treatments or Procedures Provided: 
Brain AVM Embolization
Brain AVM Gamma Knife Surgery
Lung AVM embolization
Nasal Sclero Therapy
Other AVM Treatment
Conditions Treated: 
Brain AVM
Lung AVM
Nasal AVM
Other AVM
Ages Treated: 
Infants (0-1 years)
Children (2-12 years)
Adolescents (13-17 years)
Adults (18 years or older)
710 West 168 Street, Rm 428
New York, NY 10032
United States
Scheduling Contact
(212) 305-7094
Education & Facts
Number of HHT Patients: 
10 HHT Patients
Board Certification: 
American Board of Radiology
Residency Program:
University of California San Francisco - 2000
Procedure History
Brain AVM Embolizations: 
500 Brain AVM Embolizations
Lung AVM Embolizations: 
10 Lung AVM Embolizations
Brain AVM gamma knife surgery: 
100 Brain AVM gamma knife surgeries
Other AVM Treatments: 
100 Other AVM Treatments
Philip Meyers graduated medical school AOA from Case Western Reserve Univeristy in 1989. Professor of Radiology and Neurological Surgery, Dr. Meyers is Director of the Neuroendovascular Services at Columbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and the Neurological Institute of New York. Areas of academic interest include acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, cerebral perfusion, and neuroplasticity. Philip M. Meyers, MD, FACR, FSIR, FAHA Associate Professor, Radiology and Neurological Surgery Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons Clinical Director, Neuroendovascular Service New York Presbyterian - Columbia Neurological Institute of New York 710 West 168th Street, Rm 428 New York, New York 10032 T: 212.305.6384 F: 212.342.1229 E: [email protected]
710 West 168 Street, Rm 428
New York, NY 10032
United States
Last Updated: September 10, 2018
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