Akshay Muralidhar, MD

Critical Care
Job Title: 
Medical Director
Addition Hospital Affiliations: 
Treatments or Procedures Provided: 
Iron Therapy IV
Lung AVM Embolization
Overall/General Management of HHT
Conditions Treated: 
Anemia/Iron Deficiency
Nosebleeds (Epistaxis)
Gastrointestinal (GI) Bleeding
Gastrointestinal (GI) AVMs/Telangiectasias
Lung AVMs
Language Spoken: 
350 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85013
United States
Scheduling Contact
(888) 264-4448
Education & Facts
Board Certification: 
American Board of Internal Medicine
Residency Program:
Loyola University Medical Center - 2016
Dr. Muralidhar has been part of the Barrows HHT Center of Excellence since its inception, and has since taken over as Medical Director. Dr. Muralidhar has extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of the various manifestations of HHT since his post-graduate training. As a part of the HHT Team at Barrow's Neurological Institute Center of Excellence, Dr. Muralidhar's patients have access to specialized care in the management of all clinical conditions related to HHT including (but not limited to) brain, spine, oral, nasal, pulmonary and hepatic manifestations. Our pulmonary hypertension program is actively involved with numerous clinical trials in PAH.
350 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85013
United States
Last Updated: March 10, 2023
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